You DO have options when dealing with the IRS or the Tax Assessor for property tax debt.

Many people who are dealing with tax debt feel overwhelmed. They spend sleepless nights agonizing over what might happen. They wonder if their home, car, and other valuable personal assets will be taken from them. The fear of losing your financial security is extremely stressful.

We can help minimize the loss of assets by negotiating a fair settlement with the IRS or restructuring a payment plan with the Tax Assessor on property tax debt.

Our experience is that the government's ultimate goal is to collect a reasonable portion of the amount owed in the least amount of time possible. Through several different avenues, a settlement of your tax debt is obtainable.

We will access your individual needs and find out what is ultimately the best plan for you. There are several different options most people are familiar with: Payment Plans, Offers in Compromise, and Uncollectible Status. We offer other alternatives to these common options, that may suit your individual tax issue better.

We understand how difficult it may be to ask for help. We will listen carefully to your particular situation and cater our plan to fit your needs.

You need an Attorney who is knowledgeable about tax law and the IRS and other tax debts, before you make a decision to settle with the IRS or Taxing Authorities on your own.