Judgments - Release & Removal

Judgment Problems: 

1. Cloud on the title of your Homestead Property

If you own a home, a judgment can cloud the title on your Homestead.  In Texas, your homestead is protected by the Texas Constitution from a forced sale of the property from this type of creditor, however, it will make it near impossible for you to ever sell or refinance your home if a judgment is not released and removed from the property. 

2. Garnish, Freeze, or Take your Bank Account

After a judgment is taken, the creditor can garnish and take from your bank account, even months or years later. 

3. Seize "Non-Exempt Property"

A creditor that has taken a judgment against you can seize your non-exempt property and sell it.  Usually, a judgment creditor will obtain a Writ of Execution from the Sheriff's office to allow the search for non-exempt property that can be seized. 

4. Credit Reporting of Judgments

A Judgment is reported as a Public Record, normally at the very top of the listings of bad credit history on your credit report.  Judgments are devastating to a credit report score.  Although most bad debts are removed from your credit report within 3-7 years, a Judgment remains for TEN (10) years, or more, if it is renewed. 

Judgment Solutions: 

1. Fight the the lawsuit BEFORE the creditor takes a Judgment

2. Settle the Debt before and after the Judgment is taken

3. File for Bankruptcy Protection, eliminate debts and judgments.