Settle Your Student Loans

The US Department of Education allows three types of settlement options:

Types of Federal Student Loan Settlements:

1. Standard Compromise: You pay only the current principal and interst, or you pay at least the current principal and half the interest, or you pay at least 90% of the current principal and interest balance.

2. Discretionary Compromises: All discretiionary compromises require prior approval by the US Dept of Education.

3. Nonstandard Compromises: Only a very limited number of student loan borrowers can seek this type.

I have had a number of clients come to me for representation, only after, they have failed miserably in attempting to settle their student loan debt themselves.

Most of these clients have done themselves more harm than good, by their words and/or their correspondence/documents presented to the debt collector.

If your student/education loan debt is greater than $20,000, you should seek a good lawyer to negotiate a good settlement for you. It will make a huge difference in your life, to be able to manage your student loan debt.