Get a Fresh Start with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Should you file Chapter 13 Reorganization?

Chapter 13 REDUCES and REORGANIZES your debts.

This means that you can pay your back car payments and house payments over time, usually 3-5 yrs, through a payment plan with the Court, while you also make your regular payment.

As for automobiles, there are special rules, that may allow you to pay ONLY what the car is WORTH. This provides you with a great opportunity to REDUCE the amount you pay toward your auto loan.

Usually, Chapter 13 is for people that get behind on their house or car payments or both.

Also, many people simply do not have enough left over in their monthly budgets to pay their skyrocketing credit card debts.

In Chapter 13, we can significantly reduce the amount that you pay on credit cards.

WE PREPARE A PLAN after we have analyzed your income and your expenses, to pay your home, cars, back payments, and necessary living expenses, like utilities, fuel, car repairs, ongoing medical needs, child support, etc.

Bankruptcy under Chapter 13 is similar to Chapter 7. You can:

*Keep Your Home *Keep Your Car

*Stop Foreclosure *Stop Repossessions

*Eliminate credit card debt *Eliminate medical bills

*Save Your Business

In Chapter 13, you must have a regular income and some disposable income to make back payments over time.

We can discuss all of the particulars as to your individual situation, and prepare a PLAN that will work for you.