Save Your Business with Bankruptcy Restructuring

Do you want to STAY in business?

If the answer is YES...we can restructure the debt of the business to keep your doors open.

Solving Problems and Saving the Business.

Filing for bankruptcy does NOT necessarily mean that you have to close down. Also, filing for business bankruptcy does not mean the business owner is bankrupt.

Businesses get into financial trouble as much as individuals do. You may be dreading the possible closing of your company due to a loss of revenue and increasing expenses.

You may also be concerned about the effects of a business closing on you personally, particularly if you have personally guaranteed obligations of the business.

Assessing the Needs and Priorities

It may be that you haven't been able to collect on all of the receivables, or that your customers are paying slowly, and have put you in a temporary bind.

If you have new contracts or new customers, and simply need TIME to turn things around, you may be a good candidate for restructuring your business.

Reasonable and Rational Decisions to Minimize the Impact

You may be dealing with business loans, long-term leases, payroll and tax problems, and/or personal guarantees on business debts.

All of these issues can be addressed in a business restructuring plan through the bankruptcy court.

YOU NEED an ATTORNEY that is knowledgeable about the special problems that business owners face. Attorney, Kathryn Coffman possesses that knowledge and can help you and your business.